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"This Passing" was a commissioned piece by SLANT theater company in New York as part of the nation-wide production of Suzan-Lori Parks "365 days/365 plays." I was given the following script with which to create a live piece:

A person standing on stage.
They could be dressed in mourning.
The sound of wind or whales forever.

For the show I rear-projected the film onto a screen. For each performance, prior to the film starting, I walked out onto stage and stood down stage right of the prominent figure in the film with my back to the audience, facing the projection screen. I remained facing the film for it's duration, then walked off the stage. The film itself is a stop-animation of approximately 11,844 individual exposures taken of a set constructed of clay, powder, paper and light. I composed the sound from all original recordings.

This Passing
16mm film
6 min